The company PAPALOUKAS & SIA EE – ARTION D&A aims at the complete and continuous satisfaction of the requirements of its customers while taking into account the needs and expectations of its stakeholders (Δ01-Π01 “Business Operation Framework”).

ARTION is committed to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, such as the administration of sampling and analysis for the detection of drugs or alcohol and the opinion on the results, which is ARTION’s main activity and are recorded in the form “D02-E02 External Origin of Documented Information “.

All the employees of the company, as well as its external providers, are responsible for the quality of its services, in order to ensure the full satisfaction of the customers’ requirements, through the consistent execution of their duties. It is the belief of the Management that in order to achieve the above, all the activities of the company must be properly designed and controlled, through the establishment of objective targets for quality, which are reflected in the form Δ01-Π02 “Table of Quality Objectives”, so that all material resources, documented information and human resources engaged, to be used in the most effective way.

Τhe improvement of the quality of the services provided from the personnel of the company, is realized through the relative training (D03-E02 “Employee Training Presumption”), the effective communication (D01-E03 “Management Review/ Quality Council”) and the correct implementation of the System Quality Management (process D06 “Performance Evaluation”), whose general principles have been adopted.

Artion fully respects and adheres to the above, which are crucial for maintaining its competitiveness in the market and supporting its strategic orientation.Finally, the company is committed to continue to meet the requirements of its customers, stakeholders, legislation and regulatory requirements, ensuring the constant engagement of the necessary resources and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System that complies with the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Managing Director :

Konstantinos Papaloukas

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