The new drug and alcohol test method allows detection of more than 30 narcotic drugs and alcohol substances in the human body, overlapping or overcoming the requirements of international organizations. Simultaneously it can be done anywhere making the process extremely simple and completely unpredictable and at the same time unimpeachable since the samples are also tested against their donors.

The drug and alcohol test method has been designed, developed and perfected over the last four (4) years, by the scientific research department of Artion Drug and Alcohol in collaboration with globally established and certified laboratories and organizations. It has successfully completed all the necessary required “pilot” projects, and it’s already being followed in practice by a number of Greek and foreign companies.

With this revolutionary process it’s feasible to detect the frequency and amount of drug and alcohol use in order classify the donor of the sample to one of the following categories: non-user, occasional user, average user or frequent user. 

At the same time molecular biomarker detection is performed to be absolutely assured that each sample has been taken from a different donor and no one has given a sample for somebody else. For the above mentioned reasons this unique method, is proposed globally for the random control of employees, in order to have a clear and overall picture of the engaged personnel.

Artion Drug and Alcohol’s detects drugs and alcohol through hair sample (from head or other body parts), hours after the use and can also take us back up to 90 days in order to reveal if the donor has at other times used the same or another substance (frequency and quantity of drug use and alcohol), that gives a comprehensive and clear picture of the “donor”.

For that reason it is considered globally “The golden rule” for the random monitoring of workers regarding the use of substances, where Companies are interested in the overall picture of the subject rather than a random moment. 

Sampling can be held anywhere and cannot be fooled by various chemical or behavioral “tricks”, in contrast with the urine samples or saliva which are vulnerable. The time of taking the hair samples can be traced with the molecular biomarker detection and thus the method also cannot be fooled, for instance from hairs that have been cut at another time.

The Artion Drug and Alcohol test method, includes immunological, chromatographic and molecular techniques as well as the confirmatory tests that are necessary (HPLC, MS, GE, C-MLT, NG-Sequencing, Micro-Arrays, PCR M/F, Elisa, , DNA-RNA-Protein Purification/EXTR, PPi Analysis, Immunoassays, M/N/F-Photo assays and Bioinformatics Analysis. For this reason it is absolutely acceptable by all legal systems worldwide.

It is the most appropriate method for random control, according to the United Nations regulations, the American Academy of Sciences, the European Academy of Sciences, the FDA, the EMA, the US Supreme Court, the Supreme European Court of Justice, the US DOT, the European Agency for Drug Control, etc.

The Artion Drug and Alcohol implements the “drug & alcohol test” initially in the field of shipping, as regards ships’ crews, while it is expected to expand to other categories of employees, like airlines and land transports, and also health and education fields.

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